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Order 6000348
Details (1 Item PHP 1411.13)
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Order No: 6000348   Tracking No.(FedEx): 518064900722
2014-03-31 21:56:22
Reviewer: Jer*** from Metro Manila, Philippines
Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Hi myblueoutlet,

Just want to inform you that I have received last week the lone item that I have ordered. It was in excellent condition which makes it worthy for the long wait.

If there's something that I don't like, it's the HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY that I shed out for the shipment costs. I thought that I have already paid for the shipment, as indicated in this order form:


Apparently, I still needed to pay Php 2,000 extra to FedEx just to claim my item. So if my mathematics is correct, I paid a total of Php 2,522 just for the shipment costs of an item that is only being sold for only Php 888. In all angles, that is definitely not a good buy.

I hope you could figure out of a way to minimize or lessen the shipment costs, even at the expense of delivery time.


Order 6000216
Details (1 Item US$ 31.47)
Order No: 6000216   Tracking No.(China Post): RC046697194CN
2014-03-22 11:30:49
Reviewer: Deb** from WI, United States
Overall Rating: 5 Stars

There is no date on this order......when was this from ? We havent ordered from u in quite some time. I might ask u to credit my account because I dont know when we ordered this. A reply would be appreciated.

Order 6000148
Details (1 Item US$ 21.07)
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Order No: 6000148   Tracking No.(USPS): 420775739400110200882905764477
2013-09-30 06:58:02
Reviewer: Edw*** from Texas, United States
Overall Rating: 5 Stars

Fine Job, we have zero complaints, just accolades to your business operations.

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